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Bee KeepingAgricultural Trades
Dairy and Dairy ProductsAgricultural Trades
Farm Implements MechanicAgricultural Trades
FloricultureAgricultural Trades
Food processing and fruit preservationAgricultural Trades
Gardening/Nursery RaisingAgricultural Trades
HorticultureAgricultural Trades
Mushroom CultivationAgricultural Trades
Organic Manure/Compost MakingAgricultural Trades
Pest Control OperatorAgricultural Trades
PoultryAgricultural Trades
VermicultureAgricultural Trades
Aluminum FabricationCivil Trades
Bar Bending, Centering/ScaffoldingCivil Trades
Bio Gas Plant MechanicCivil Trades
Biogas MasonCivil Trades
Boring/Drilling MechanicCivil Trades
Carpentry and Furniture makingCivil Trades
DraftsmanCivil Trades
Ferro Cement workCivil Trades
Hollow Block MakingCivil Trades
Mason WorkCivil Trades
Painting and PolishingCivil Trades
Plumbing and Sanitary WorkCivil Trades
POP WorkCivil Trades
Rural Latrine and Soak PitsCivil Trades
Soil TestingCivil Trades
Computer based AccountingComputer & Information Technology Trades
Computer Hardware and NetworkingComputer & Information Technology Trades
Computer Hardware AssitantComputer & Information Technology Trades
Computer MaintenanceComputer & Information Technology Trades
Computer Operator / Data entry operatorComputer & Information Technology Trades
Computer Operator and Programming AssitantComputer & Information Technology Trades
Computer Programming and ApplicationComputer & Information Technology Trades
Database programmingComputer & Information Technology Trades
MOBILE HANDSET REPAIRINGComputer & Information Technology Trades
Web Designing and Publishing Assitant Computer & Information Technology Trades
Computer Hardware and NetworkingComputer Science
Computer Hardware maintenance and NetworkingComputer Science
Computer Software Basics and InternetComputer Science
Desktop Publication OperatorComputer Science
DTPComputer Science
DTP & Internet Kiosk OperatorComputer Science
Multimedia Animation & Special EffectComputer Science
Network TechnicianComputer Science
House Wiring and Motor BindingElectrical
AC and Refrigerator Repair & MaintenanceElectrical & Electronics Trades
Battery charging and repairElectrical & Electronics Trades
Consumer Electronics Fabrication/Servicing and MaintenanceElectrical & Electronics Trades
Domestic home appliances repairingElectrical & Electronics Trades
Electric Wiring and Repair of Home used Electrical AppliancesElectrical & Electronics Trades
Electrical Appliance RepairElectrical & Electronics Trades
Electrical Pump RepairElectrical & Electronics Trades
ElectricianElectrical & Electronics Trades
House wiringElectrical & Electronics Trades
Mobile and Computer RepairElectrical & Electronics Trades
Motor windingElectrical & Electronics Trades
Office equipment repairingElectrical & Electronics Trades
Phone and Mobile RepairElectrical & Electronics Trades
Photography/videography equipment repairElectrical & Electronics Trades
Solar Equipment MechanicElectrical & Electronics Trades
Stabilizer, Inverter, UPS making and repairElectrical & Electronics Trades
Surveillance SystemElectrical & Electronics Trades
TV/VCR/VCD/Tape Recorder repairElectrical & Electronics Trades
WiremanElectrical & Electronics Trades
Mobile and Electronics Gadgets RepairingELectronics
Movie MakingELectronics
Repair and Maintenance of Domestic Electronics AppliancesElectronics
Garment Making and Fashion DesigningFashion Designing
Account Assitant Using TallyGeneral
Acrylic FabricationGeneral
Aggarbati makingGeneral
Ammonia MakingGeneral
Artificial flower makingGeneral
Arts and CraftsGeneral
Bag/Suitcase MakingGeneral
Baking and ConfectioneryGeneral
Bamboo product makingGeneral
Basic CosmetologyGeneral
Beautician & Hair Stylist WorkGeneral
Beautician and Hair DressingGeneral
Beauty Culture and Skin CareGeneral
Book bindingGeneral
Bouquet makingGeneral
Brass WorkGeneral
Candle MakingGeneral
Cane chair MakingGeneral
Canning WorkGeneral
Carpet-cum-Kalin WeavingGeneral
Carving (Wood/Metal/Stone)General
Chalk makingGeneral
Coir rope MakingGeneral
Cooking/Table ServicesGeneral
Crosea and Needle Patch workGeneral
Cutting and TailoringGeneral
Dan/Carpet MakingGeneral
Dari and Glicha MakingGeneral
Detergent and Soap, Shampoo MakingGeneral
Digital Financial TrasictionsGeneral
Distilled Water MakingGeneral
Doll makingGeneral
Drawing and Painting/Pot PaintingGeneral
Dress MakingGeneral
DTP WorkGeneral
Embroidery and Knitting,General
English TypingGeneral
Fabric PaintingGeneral
Fashion DesignGeneral
First Aid/ NursingGeneral
Footwear makingGeneral
Garment makingGeneral
Garment Technology & Sewing Machine RepairGeneral
Gas/oven repair and maintenanceGeneral
Gem Cutting and PolishingGeneral
Gum MakingGeneral
Handloom/Powerloom WeavingGeneral
Health careGeneral
Hindi TypingGeneral
House Cleaning and DisinfectorGeneral
Interior Decoration/ Waste material article makingGeneral
Jewelry MakingGeneral
Jute and MunjcraftGeneral
Jute bag makingGeneral
Khaddi SpinningGeneral
Leaf cup and plate makingGeneral
Leather goads and footwear makingGeneral
Mason for Bio-gas plantGeneral
Match Box MakingGeneral
Modern office managementGeneral
Motor DrivingGeneral
Mukesh Fardi KadhaiGeneral
Nylon Rope MakingGeneral
Office AutomationGeneral
Pain Balm MakingGeneral
Papad/Potato Chips making/Mangori makingGeneral
Paper Machie WorkGeneral
Pashmina WorkGeneral
Pathology Technician/HelperGeneral
Phenyl makingGeneral
Photography and VideographyGeneral
Pickle/Murraba makingGeneral
Plastic wire bag makingGeneral
Pottery/ceramic workGeneral
Proof ReadingGeneral
Punjabi TypingGeneral
Puppet MakingGeneral
Purse MakingGeneral
PVC Product MakingGeneral
Quilt MakingGeneral
Readymade Garments/ Carry bag making.General
Rubber and Plastic Product MakingGeneral
Screen PrintingGeneral
Sealing Wax MakingGeneral
Shawl/Sozni WorkGeneral
Soft baggage makingGeneral
Soft toys makingGeneral
Soya Products makingGeneral
Stationery and Envelop MakingGeneral
Stone SculptureGeneral
Talcum Powder ManufacturingGeneral
Tally and AccountingGeneral
Textile DesigningGeneral
Tie and DyeGeneral
Tilla, Crewel, Sozni Work, Willow, Basket makingGeneral
Tourist GuideGeneral
Toy making, Doll Making, flower makingGeneral
Umbrella MakingGeneral
Vaseline ManufacturingGeneral
Wood CarvingGeneral
Wood work/Photo framingGeneral
Auto CadMechanical Trades
Auto Mechanic (Heavy Vehicle – Four Wheelers)Mechanical Trades
Automobile repairing/Diesel MechanicMechanical Trades
Black SmithyMechanical Trades
Construction Equipment MechanicMechanical Trades
Cycle repairing / Cart MechanicMechanical Trades
Denting and paintingMechanical Trades
Die MakingMechanical Trades
Diesel Pump MechanicMechanical Trades
ElectroplatingMechanical Trades
Farm Equipments MechanicMechanical Trades
FitterMechanical Trades
Foundry and TurningMechanical Trades
Gas welding, brazing, solderingMechanical Trades
Hand pump boring and repairingMechanical Trades
MachinistMechanical Trades
Metal CastingMechanical Trades
Motor Boat RepairMechanical Trades
Motor Engine RepairMechanical Trades
Plastic Moulding (including Injection Moulding)Mechanical Trades
PLUMBERMechanical Trades
Plumbing and Sanitary WorkMechanical Trades
Refrigerator and A/C MechanicMechanical Trades
Scooter MechanicMechanical Trades
Sewing machine repairMechanical Trades
Sheet metal and weldingMechanical Trades
Tractor MechanicMechanical Trades
TurnerMechanical Trades
VulcanizingMechanical Trades
Watch RepairMechanical Trades
Welding and fabricationMechanical Trades
Wind Mill MechanicMechanical Trades
Spinning Operation on TextileTextile